What are people saying about the Low-G mattress overlay?

No new Development of Pressure Sores

"We have trialed Low-G® overlays on several residents within our building for almost 6 weeks. Every resident in the trial has been very happy with the overlay. Residents have reported better sleep and a decrease in pain. Nursing staff have noted healing of pressure areas, as well as no new development of pressure sores. We have also had a 100% reduction of falls related to the air mattress overlay." — Shelly Redpath, RN/DNS, Meadow Park Health and Specialty Care Center

Benefits go Beyond Pressure Ulcer Prevention

"I have been amazed with the effectiveness of the Low-G® mattresses and would love to continue using them within the facility. Their benefits go beyond pressure ulcer prevention, and include pain management and safety advantages." — Allison Paquette, R.N., Director of Nursing Services, Puget Sound Healthcare Center

The Cost Savings are Phenomenally Staggering

"We don’t experience decubitus ulcers anymore in the trials that we’ve used with the overlay. It is a very, very revolutionary technology. It would be very simple to use and very inexpensive relative to the cost savings...The cost savings are phenomenally staggering. If we get rid of the decubitus ulcer, we change the game in health care." — Dr Edward McEachern, Assistant Professor and Director of Health Services Research, Department of Orthopaedics, School of Medicine, University of Utah

An amazing Tool

"Our staff and patients were so thrilled with the product that we have now deployed 40 Low-G surfaces to cover all the beds in our units. This overlay is an amazing tool that we can use to help us prevent pressure ulcers during hospitalization." — Lorraine Wall, RN, MSN, Assistant Administrator/CNO, Olympic Medical Center

New Solutions to Old Problems

"If we are going to realize the promise of new solutions to old problems coming from unexpected sources, this [mattress overlay] may just be the path to finding real savings in health care delivery." — Senator Betsy Johnson, District 16, state of Oregon

Saving Time for Employees

"The Low-G Overlay has proven to be a wonderful tool in terms of fall reduction. It is much easier for the patients to position themselves using this product without the same fear of falling to the floor which some tend to experience when using an airbed. Turning of patients on a airbed requires a two-person assist, but with the Low-G Overlay, a single person can easily manage the task, saving time for our employees so that they can use that time to focus on other patient care." — Sarah Moore, R.N., Director of Nursing, Crestwood Convalescent Center, Port Angeles, WA

Positive Changes After One Night

"I have been sleeping with the new mattress cushion for a couple of days and must tell you that after the very first night my aide Coral saw a dramatic positive change in the size of one of my wounds. Yes, I said after one night! I just thought you would want to know what a positive result I am having with the bed pad. Regards." — Nancy A. Lieberman

Doesn't get Hot or Sweaty

"Since the day the Low-G® Overlay arrived he has used it and his pressure areas have not been an issue at all. He likes that the mattress topper doesn't get hot or sweaty, and my mum doesn't have to fret about spills on the mattress as it's wipe-able - unlike the mattress `protector' he used to have to use which was a ‘breathable' plastic envelope which felt hot and uncomfortable." — Kaye Mains, RN

Not a Single Bedsore in two Years

"For the next two years, for every patient, we used the Low-G® bed overlay. We had zero decubitus ulcers. Not a single bedsore developed in two years in a 50-bed hospital." — J. Edward McEachern, MD

Low-G Advanced Pressure Protection